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McCann Bridge



The County plans to replace the low-water crossing with a full-height, full-service bridge that allows residents, emergency vehicles, and resource equipment year-round access across the Eel River. To design this modern, safe bridge, the County has enlisted the help of Consor.

The McCann Bridge Replacement Project will replace a County-operated ferry service. Completion of the replacement bridge will enable residents to cross the river any time of the year without having to depend on the ferry.  

Over the next several years, the County and Consor team will work together to design and construct the new bridge, which also involves obtaining environmental clearance and a variety of regulatory agency permits.

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Project Status

The project is continuing the Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Study Project Development Process. 


Phase 1 (2018-2022): Complete

  • Prepare alternatives analysis

  • Initial public meetings and input

  • Complete Type Selection Report

Phase 2 (2022-2027): In Progress

  • Complete preliminary engineering technical studies

  • Develop environmental technical studies and CEQA/NEPA Environmental Documents

  • Estimated 3-5 years depending on level of Environmental Document and studies necessary

Phase 3 (2027-2028)

  • Complete Geotechnical Design Report and Hydraulics Report

  • Utility and right-of-way coordination

  • Final plans and specifications

  • Construction bid advertisement and award

  • Estimated 2-3 years

Phase 4 (2028-2029)

  • Construction

  • Estimated 2 years

Rendering of proposed replacement bridge.

Above: Rendering of proposed replacement bridge.

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