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The County plans to replace the low-water crossing with a full-height, full-service bridge that allows residents, emergency vehicles, and resource equipment year-round access across the Eel River. To do this, the County has enlisted the help of Quincy Engineering to design this modern, safe bridge.


The McCann Bridge Replacement Project will replace a County-operated ferry service. Completion of the replacement bridge will enable residents to cross the river any time of the year without having to depend on the ferry.  

Over the course of the next several years, the County and Quincy Engineering team will work together to design and construct the new bridge, which also involves obtaining environmental clearance and a variety of regulatory agency permits.

The following design alternatives were presented at the February 2019 public meeting:

Project Status

The Project is continuing the Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Study Project Development Process. Included in this update is a map that indicates the Environmental Study Limits. Please feel free to provide comments via the links on this website.



Phase I (3 years):

  • Prepare Alternatives Analysis and Bridge Type Selection

  • Prepare Project Report

  • Develop CEQA/NEPA Environmental Documents, technical studies and regulatory permits


Phase II (2 years):

  • Complete Geotechnical Design Report and Hydraulics Report

  • Develop detailed final plans, specifications and cost estimates

  • Coordinate any required utilities relocations and right-of-way acquisitions

  • Project goes to bid


Phase III (2 years):

  • Construction

Download the Project Fact Sheet by clicking  here.

Existing Holmes-Larabee Bridge



Project Development

(Phase I)


Final Project Design Begins

(Phase II)


Construction Begins

(Phase III)


Construction Complete

*Estimated timeline subject to change

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